Learn how to make artisan bread at home

Classes are available if you have a group of 4 and would like to set up a class. Or, if you tell me you are interested and give me some dates, I can gather a group together.

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In all classes, you go home with all the bread!

CLASS SIZE is generally 4 people although 6 can be accommodated if need be.

Classes listed will go if 4 people sign up or if you pay the $208 class price for 4. If a class date is not filled, your money will be refunded.  

Current Classes:

$52 each.  Class size 4 people.  3 hours or a little longer, from 8:30-11:30 or so.  

1. An Introduction to Artisan Bread Baking for Adults --basic techniques of artisan bread baking.  You will learn ways to mix dough, some shaping techniques and how to bake in a home kitchen.  White and whole wheat doughs are used to make a variety of different products.  If you have always wanted to learn how to bake bread OR have been baking for a long time but want to learn current thinking about bread baking, this is a good class for you.  

Private classes for 4 available for $208.                          

2. Preferments to Sourdough! --The next step in artisan bread baking is working with preferments which add flavor, shelf life and dough strength, and are used for many different kinds of dough. Whole wheat and white doughs will be made into different shapes and products including the Tartine-style sourdough loaf.  To come to this class, it is best if you have done Class #1 or a similar class so that you are ready to handle stickier doughs!

Will be set up if requested.  Private classes for 4 available. 

3.  An Introduction to Artisan Bread Baking for Kids and Parents -- A class to give kids a chance to experience the thrill of making their own bread.  White and whole wheat doughs are each mixed by hand, focused on breads that kids love to eat. Kid classes are for 8-14 year olds or can be for a child with an accompanying adult.  Grandparents and parents both welcome!

$32 each.  3 hours long, from 9:00-noon.  Class size- 4 people  

Private classes for up to 4 are $128.              



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