Kate Warner is an architect, teacher, life-long learner and avid environmentalist who also loves good bread. 

 I have been baking since childhood.  In the 1970s, I worked my way through the Tassajara Bread book and was also a baker of doughnuts and other things at Humphrey’s in West Tisbury.  In 2005, I began my quest as to how to make really good artisan-style bread in a home kitchen.  I went to Bath, England and studied with Richard Bertinet.  Soon after that, I took a series of classes at King Arthur in Vermont and more recently, at the San Francisco Baking Institute. Since 2008, I have had a community-supported bread program offering a variety of breads, out of my kitchen in West Tisbury.

My love and concern for the Earth propelled me to establish Under the Sun in the late 1990s, to encourage the installation of Vineyard solar electric systems to help combat Climate Change.  From there, I went on to found and run the Vineyard Energy Project to teach about energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. In 2007, in an effort to find a way to engage people in helping the Earth in a jollier way, I initiated the Living Local Harvest Fest which has grown to be a popular local, fall event.

My current frontier with the Vineyard Bread Project is to find ways to expand its impact. 

I’d like it to be a vehicle not only to encourage community here but to help the Earth in larger ways.  Suggestions about this are most welcome!